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#092: Pre-MCU Movie Night (w/Joe Keatinge) - Howard the Duck (1986)

Episode Summary

Writer Joe Keatinge (Shutter, Morbius, Ringside) joins us to revisit the most important comics-related event of 1986: the release of George Lucas's Howard the Duck.

Episode Notes

Joe Keatinge is the Eisner Award-winning editor and writer behind so much good stuff, including Popgun, Shutter, Glory, Ringside, Stellar, Marvel Knights: Hulk, and Morbius: The Living Vampire. Find him at and support the Kickstarter for The BeBop #1, which includes his story, "Skull-Man: Man of a Thousand Skulls."

Howard the Duck (©1986 Universal Pictures) was directed by Willard Huyck, with a screenplay by Huyck and Gloria Katz. It stars Lea Thompson, Jeffrey Jones, and Tim Robbins, plus a duck costume. George Lucas was the executive producer. 

The Marvel Comics adaptation, Howard the Duck the Movie #1-3, was adapted from the movie script by Danny Fingeroth, with art by Kyle Baker, ©1986 Marvel Comics. Here's the article that Bryan was talking about, which features Kyle Baker and Joe Sinnott finishing the exact same page of John Byrne's layouts.

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