Marvel by the Month

October 1966 (w/Dave Dwonch) - "Where Crawls the Lizard!"

Episode Summary

Comics writer, artist, and bon vivant Dave Dwonch joins us to discuss the returns of Batroc and the Lizard, our most nonsensical Daredevil story to date, and COSMIC DOOM!

Episode Notes

Dave Dwonch is the founder and Creative Director of Action Lab Entertainment and the writer of so many great comics for readers of all ages, including Scholastic's Vamplets, Behemoth's Prom of the Dead, and the upcoming Jenny Zero from Dark Horse. He's also the creator of the excellent Fannibal webcomic, Mind Palace, which updates twice a week at Find him on the internet at!

Comics Released This Month (ones we discuss are in bold): Amazing Spider-Man #44, Avengers #35, Daredevil #23, Fantastic Four #58, Sgt. Fury #37, Strange Tales #152, Tales of Suspense #85, Tales to Astonish #87, Thor #135, X-Men #27, ©1966 Marvel Comics. 

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