Marvel by the Month

#066: May 1966 (w/Corregan Brown) - "The Black Panther!"

Episode Summary

The world's first Black superhero makes his debut in Fantastic Four #52-53! Corregan Brown of the Broken Beatnik blog joins us to unpack the good, the weird, and the *needle scratches on record* of the first appearance of the Black Panther.

Episode Notes

Corregan Brown writes about politics, race, faith, and just about everything else under the sun with grace and eloquence at Follow him on Facebook — you'll be glad you did.

Corregan also lends his time and skills to Be the Bridge, which empowers people and culture toward racial healing, equity, and reconciliation. Please join us in supporting the good work they do. (Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Vimeo)

And check out Jambo Book Club, which makes it easy to add fun multicultural children’s books to a home library by sending books each month that star a child of color in an engaging story.

Comics Released This Month: Amazing Spider-Man #39, Avengers #30, Daredevil #18, Fantastic Four #53, Sgt. Fury #32, Strange Tales #147, Tales of Suspense #80, Tales to Astonish #82, Thor #130, X-Men #22, ©1966 Marvel Comics. 

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