Marvel by the Month

March 1966 (w/Ibrahim Moustafa) - "This Man, This Monster!"

Episode Summary

Multiple Eisner Award nominee (and 1928 Olympic Gold Medallist) Ibrahim Moustafa joins Bryan and Robb to talk about Steve Ditko's exit, Denny O'Neil's first Marvel story, and one of the greatest Fantastic Four stories of all time.

Episode Notes

Ibrahim Moustafa (High Crimes, Jaeger, James Bond: Solstice, Count) had never read a 1960's comic before we tricked him into appearing on this episode. We had him read the classic Fantastic Four #51 ("This Man, This Monster!") to hook him... and then we made him check out an issue of Amazing Spider-Man that Steve Ditko clearly phoned in on his way out the door.

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Comics Released This Month: Amazing Spider-Man #37, Avengers #28, Daredevil #16, Fantastic Four #51, Sgt. Fury #30, Strange Tales #145, Tales of Suspense #78, Tales to Astonish #80, Thor #128, X-Men #20, ©1966 Marvel Comics. 

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