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#076: January 1967 (w/Matt Fraction) - "In Our Midst... An Immortal!"

Episode Summary

A young up-and-comer by the name of "Matt Fraction" [sic] joins us to talk about the goings-on in the Marvel Universe of January 1967, including the first Marvel Comic written AND drawn by a single artist, the debut of the Abomination, the return of Bucky Barnes (?!), Hercules moving into Avengers Mansion, and Sandman's terrible new costume.

Episode Notes

Matt "Sugar Lips" Fraction needs no introduction, but here's one anyway: 

He’s written more Marvel Comics than most people have read, including Uncanny X-Men, the Immortal Iron Fist, Punisher War Journal, The Mighty Thor, Defenders, and Fantastic Four — as well as the Eisner Award-winning Invincible Iron Man and Hawkeye.

He won another Eisner and a Harvey Award for the delightfully filthy Sex Criminals, which he co-created with Chip Zdarsky. He’s currently collaborating with Elsa Charretier on the enigmatic crime noir comic, November. And while we hate to go off-brand, his collaboration with Steve Lieber for the Distinguished Competition on Superman’s Pal Jimmy Olsen is absolutely a must-read.

He's smart enough to be invisible on social media, but here's his website, which hasn't been updated since he wrote the perfect Tumblr post in December 2018:

Speaking of Elsa Charretier, her Kickstarter for the second volume of her Artbook ends in ONE WEEK! And backers can get the Commentary Editions of November vol. 1 and 2!

Comics Released This Month (ones we discuss are in bold): Amazing Spider-Man #47, Avengers #38, Daredevil #26, Fantastic Four #61, Sgt. Fury #40, Strange Tales #155, Tales of Suspense #88, Tales to Astonish #90, Thor #138, X-Men #30, ©1967 Marvel Comics. 

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