Marvel by the Month

#063: ESSENTIAL MBTM VOL.3: The World's Greatest Comic Magazines (April 1965 - February 1966)

Episode Summary

Bryan and Robb recap an entire season's worth of content in a single episode, plus a behind-the-scenes look at what was going on in the comics industry and the Marvel Bullpen.

Episode Notes

Our third "Essential MBTM" episode recaps everything that we covered in Season 3, plus additional info on what was going on with the creators behind some of early Marvel's best comics. It's the perfect way to get caught up quickly, or to refresh your memory before we launch Season 4 next week!

Comics We Covered This Season: Amazing Spider-Man #25-36, Avengers #17-27, Daredevil #8-15, Fantastic Four #39-50, Journey Into Mystery #117-125, Sgt. Fury #19-29, Strange Tales #133-144, Tales of Suspense #66-77, Tales to Astonish #68-79, Thor #126-127, X-Men #12-19, ©1965-66 Marvel Comics. 

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