Marvel by the Month

#075: December 1966 (w/The Comics Canon) - "Doomsday"

Episode Summary

It's an Ultimate All-New, All-Different Infinite Secret Crisis War as the Comics Canon (Curt Holman and Kevin Moreau) crosses over into Earth-MBTM to talk about the debuts of the Leap-Frog, "Mike Murdock," and the Shocker, as well as the classic four-part COSMIC DOOM story from Fantastic Four #57-60!

Episode Notes

The Comics Canon is the podcast that renders judgment on the greatest comic book stories of yesterday and today, and it's one of our favorite listens. Check them out at or wherever you get your podcasts!

Comics Released This Month (ones we discuss are in bold): Amazing Spider-Man #46, Avengers #37, Daredevil #25, Fantastic Four #60, Sgt. Fury #39, Strange Tales #154, Tales of Suspense #87, Tales to Astonish #89, Thor #137, X-Men #29, ©1966 Marvel Comics. 

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