Marvel by the Month

#068: Bonus Episode (w/David Currie) - "Ditko Shrugged"

Episode Summary

Author David Currie corresponded with Steve Ditko for a decade, giving him unprecedented insight into the life and perspective of the famously reclusive artist. He joined us for an extended interview to discuss his upcoming book, Ditko Shrugged.

Episode Notes

We were going to drop our interview with David Currie into a regular episode, but it turned out so well, and he was so generous with his time, that we decided it needed to stand on its own as a bonus episode. 

David Currie's Ditko Shrugged: The Uncompromising Life of the Artist-Creator of Spider-Man and the Rise of Marvel Comics is scheduled for release in mid-October 2020 from Hermes Press. Pre-order it today from your local comics shop or your favorite independent bookstore

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