Marvel by the Month

#070: August 1966 (w/Joe Keatinge) - "Berlin Breakout"

Episode Summary

Writer Joe Keatinge joins us to discuss the first appearance of a certain vivacious redhead, the return of a Golden Age hero, and the Marvel Comic that might have inspired Quentin Tarantino's INGLORIOUS BASTERDS.

Episode Notes

Joe Keatinge is the writer of so many great comics, including Shutter, Glory, Ringside, Stellar, Marvel Knights: Hulk, and Morbius: The Living Vampire. He also won an Eisner as the Executive Editor of Image Comics' anthology Popgun. Check out his website at for a beautifully curated collection of vintage goodness. And don't miss his #spinnerrackdiaries on Instagram.

Comics Released This Month (ones we discuss are in bold): Amazing Spider-Man #42, Amazing Spider-Man Annual #3, Avengers #33, Daredevil #21, Fantastic Four #56, Sgt. Fury #35, Strange Tales #150, Tales of Suspense #83, Tales to Astonish #85, Thor #133, X-Men #25, ©1966 Marvel Comics. 

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