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April 1966 (w/Jackie Kashian) - "The Red Skull Lives!"

Episode Summary

Funny lady Jackie Kashian joins us to talk about the Silver Age debut of the Red Skull, Hercules signing Hollywood's worst contract, Steve Ditko's last Doctor Strange story, and the debut of comics' first Black superhero.

Episode Notes

Jackie Kashian is one of the funniest nerds on the planet and the host of two amazing podcasts: The Dork Forest, where guests go deep on the things they're obsessed with, and The Jackie and Laurie Show with fellow comedian Laurie Kilmartin, where they share their joys and frustrations with the comedy business. Her latest comedy album is I Am Not the Hero Of This Story, and like everything else she does, it's very funny. Stay up to date on her goings-on by signing up for her newsletter at

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Comics Released This Month: Amazing Spider-Man #38, Avengers #29, Daredevil #17, Fantastic Four #52, Sgt. Fury #31, Strange Tales #146, Tales of Suspense #79, Tales to Astonish #81, Thor #129, X-Men #21, ©1966 Marvel Comics. 

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